Study After 10th class, What to choose !!

March is the crucial month for all 10th class students in their life. Why not !! because it is the basic step for any student after completing his/her martic class or say 10th class.

Question is what to do after my 10th class ?
There are many options in india after 10th class. We can now discuss here some of the options and also suggest you the best one. You should choose one of these streams for your 11th and 12th classes. Here is step by step choices after matric 10th class.

1. Choose NON Medical side, which is for engineering students. If you want to become a engineer then choose this stream.

Why you choose Non Medical side?

If you love maths and want to live life as a engineer then non medical is best one. Wait wait…

In Engineering there are different 2 streams to choose like:-

  • Computer science
  • Mechanical
  • IT
  • Electronics and communication
  • Civil

Many more to take.

2. Medical side for medical students who love medical and want to be a doctor/health care person.

In this filed there are many options like:

A Human doctor like M.B.B.S,BDS,Dental etc.

You can also choose B.Pharmacy as a medical student.

3. Commerce field is also a another option. It is for accounting jobs in companies and banks. After Graduation you can also choose or MBA/CA.

4. Art field is last and good option for teaching jobs in government and private institutions.

Other field from government fields:-

N.D.A exam which is conducted by U.P.S.C.

Check out our Study Chart After 10th class. What to do in your life in India after 10th class. All streams and all fields are shows in this chart. Click image to see large.



  1. ok So what top do after my btech there many thing I am little confused

  2. Good to see. But CSE is best option. I think.

  3. I want to be a multibrand car dealer so what education i should take to be a multi brand car dealer

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